11oz Madison Jar

100% pure soy wax and high quality fragrance oil are hand poured into a contemporary styled jar.
Cotton and paper braid wick designed to minimize after glow and smoke.
Dye free soy candle looks like a pillar candle, but has the safety of a jar.
Great for the holidays or anytime of year.
Soy candles have a great scent throw, even when they're not burning.
Eco-friendly renewable resource supports American farmers.
Approx. 70 to 80 hours of burn time.
2006The Scented Castle---www.TheScentedCastle.com
Aroma & Ambiance from Our Castle to Yours
Soy Candles
Hand Poured
in Michigan!!!
Autumn Spice
scented with a
harvest of apples
and oranges that
are infused with a
warm mixture of
cinnamon, clove,
and vanilla.
Cinnamon Memories
a mellow, sweet and
spicy cinnamon, not
heavy as a cinnamon
stick. Remember the
cinnamon candy you
used to get in your
stocking as a kid? This is
it, but with a little bit of
fruit thrown in the mix.
Cedar & Saffron
scented with the
warm, spicy
fragrance of
Kashmiri saffron and
the earthy woods of
white cedar and
Indian sandalwood.
Buttercream Crunch
scented with creamy
coconut, sugary
sweet maple & rich butter,
that are mingled with fresh
ginger, nutmeg & decadent
cocoa. A touch of vanilla
tops it all off.
Black Cherry
scented with an
incredibly strong,
aromatic fragrance
of fresh ripe black
Cranberry Spice
scented with crisp
tart cranberries
spiced with flair.
Clean Cotton
scented with fresh
green apple and
hints of orange and
pineapple on a dry
down of musk.
Super strong,
super clean.
Citrus Peel & Pine
scented with sweet
notes of refreshing
orange, zesty
grapefruit and tangy
nectarine, united with
the comforting notes
of precious woods and
fresh pine needles. A
very unique fragrance!
Fresh Outdoors
scented with a
fresh and clean
evergreen forest.
Olive Blossom
scented with this very
sophisticated, upscale
and spa-like
fragrance. Not floral in
a heavy way, not
perfumey in an
overwhelming way,
just one beautiful
Fresh Linen
scented with a crisp,
billowing breeze that
carries accords of light
floral blossoms over
fields of green grass.
Classic notes of soft
rose, gentle lily & alluring
jasmine gather together
with tender violets.
Mountain Air
scented with a
clean blend of crisp
ozone accords,
lavender and
evergreen forests.
Hot Cinnamon Stick
scented with the
full bodied aroma
of rich, hot and very
spicy cinnamon.
scented with the
wonderful aroma of
this sweet, red fruit.
Persimmon Spice
scented with a
warm and spicy, yet
subtly sweet
fragrance. Top notes
of tangy lemon and
sweet almond are
enriched with the
silky blend of vanilla
bean, spicy clove
and cinnamon.
Perfect Storm
scented with the
flowers of spring.
Lilacs, hyacinth,
cyclamen, jasmine
and newly bloomed
violets wait in
anticipation of the
storm. If you like
lilacs, you will love
this fragrance.
Pear Tart
scented with the
tantalizing blend of
sour green apples,
ripe peach and
golden pineapple
that balance the
intensely flavorful
accords of the tart
Japanese pear.
Sage & Citrus
scented in a fabulous
aroma of mandarin,
tangerine, ruby red
grapefruit, and lemon
rinds on the top notes
with bottom notes of
fresh aromatic sage
Warm Cider
scented with warm,
juicy apple and the
seeping spices of
cinnamon, anise and
clove. A heart
warming fragrance.
Vanilla Bean
scented with the
most buttery vanilla
11oz Madison Jar Soy Candle..........$16.00