Aroma List
2006The Scented

                                     The fragrance name generally matches the color of the product.

AMARETTO...An Italian liquor made from the almond nut, that is sweet and rich.

AMBER ROMANCE (VS Type)...A soft and musky scent that has warm and alluring notes of amber, black cherry,
crème anglaise, vanilla and sandalwood.

AMBER STARS…The warmth of African amber, sandalwood and comforting vanilla are blended with notes of
patchouli, leather, rose and lavender.

ANCIENT FOREST...A wood spruce base is blended with fir needle, jasmine and guaiacwood. Top notes of cedar
and fresh herbs brighten the forest.

APPLE CRISP...Tree ripened apples, a touch of sweet vanilla and a pinch of cinnamon, topped with bits of baked

BABY POWDER...A soft powdery scent so true to the first fresh gentle scent ever put on baby!

BALSAM BERRY...A wonderful blend of highly scented berries and balsam. A great holiday scent!

BAMBOO...The far east offers this exotic sultry fragrance. Asian spices, jasmine, cyclamen, lavender and citrus
are added to grassy notes to make up this amazing blend.

BANANA...We searched every tree to find the perfect sweet yellow banana, and this is it!

BANANA NUT BREAD...Warm and nutty, just like Grandma used to make! A favorite home baked treat!

BASIL SAGE MINT...A refreshing blast of unique herbal fusion! These three green notes from mother nature’s
garden combine beautifully to make a surprisingly wonderful fragrance.

BAYBERRY...A classic fresh wintery fragrance, popular for the holiday season. Tradition says: "A bayberry candle
burned down to its socket, brings luck to the home and wealth to the pocket".

BEACH SUNSET...An upbeat blend of peach, orange and a splash of cranberry.

BLACK CHERRY...An incredibly strong, aromatic fragrance of fresh ripe black cherries.

BLACK RASPBERRY VANILLA...A perfect blend of juicy berries swimming in vanilla cream! Includes notes of ripe
blackberry, bergamont, Anjou pear, vanilla orchid and taffeta musk.

BLUE LEMONBERRY...Lemon Verbena and blueberry blend seamlessly in this fruity explosion!

BUTTERCREAM CRUNCH...Rich creamy butter is blended with sugar sweet maple and coconut. Fresh ginger,
nutmeg, decadent cocoa and a touch of vanilla adds aromatic flavor.

BUTTERY GINGERBREAD…Melt in your mouth, fresh from the oven and slathered with butter. This is "the"

CABERNET...It's true- friends say they "smile a lot" when they burn this candle- the bouquet is so realistic!

CACTUS & SEA SALT…Shimmering green cactus mingled with clean ocean air, sea spray, drift wood and sea
moss.  A sea side blend of fresh ozone notes on a base of sweet musk.

CARAMEL… Buttery, rich, creamy caramel! You can actually smell how thick and gooey this is!

CARAMEL CINNAMON LATTE… A delicious coffee blend of creamy vanilla, spicy cinnamon, hot sweet caramel and
fresh, strong home brewed coffee. The caramel and cinnamon blended with the creamy vanilla floats to the top
with the fresh coffee scent blending and settling to the bottom. A wonderful rich, aromatic blend!  

CARAMEL VANILLA...A rich decadent blend of gooey caramel and buttery vanilla.

CEDAR & SAFFRON...The warm, spicy fragrance of Kashmiri saffron is blended with the earthy woods of white
cedar, Indian sandalwood and patchouli. Mid notes of vanilla and sensual musk are brightened by top notes of
grapefruit and fresh bergamot. A clean and exotic fragrance.

CEDAR CHEST...The fresh scent of cedar, like the inside of a hope chest!

CHARDONNAY...A fruity, white wine bouquet with top notes of white peach and strawberry. The heart blends
sweet violet and lily of the valley with fresh melon and rose blossom. The base is a woody violet, sweet balsamic
& white musk. Well rounded and complex, this Chardonnay fragrance oil offers a rich aroma without being heavy
on the alcohol notes.

CHERRY AMARETTO...Fresh ripe black cherries are blended with the sweet rich aroma of amaretto. A touch of
creamy coconut and vanilla smooths out the fragrance.

CHOCOLATE CAPPUCCINO… A rich chocolate smell with a hint of coffee that will be sure to get the house up for an
unknown treat!

CINNAMON BUNS…A fresh, warm cinnamon sticky bun drizzled with sweet white frosting. Just like the kind you
can get at your nearest mall!

CINNAMON CRANBERRY...Our own blend of cranberry spice with the added spice of hot cinnamon stick. A spice
lovers dream.

CINNAMON MEMORIES...Sweet and spicy, this cinnamon is not as heavy as a cinnamon stick. Remember the
cinnamon candy you used to get in your stocking as a kid? This is it, but with a little bit of fruit thrown in the mix.

CITRUS TWIST..A sweet and sassy aroma reminiscent of candy sweet tarts, but stronger. Various notes of
sweet and sour fruits and citrus are coated in sweet sugar.

CLEAN COTTON...Fresh green apple with hints of orange and pineapple on a dry down of musk. Super strong,
super clean.

COCONUT BAY…A very true coconut fragrance, sweet and strong

COSMOPOLITAN MARTINI…The original Tini! A fresh blend of cranberry juice, a hint of lime, a whisper of
raspberry. The signature drink of the girls on Sex in the City. Flirty, fun, refreshing and very sweet.

CRANBERRY SPICE...Crisp tart cranberries spiced with cinnamon flair.

CREME BRULEE...Just the right touch of caramelized sugar tops this rich creamy vanilla custard. Identical to the
dessert served in only the finest restaurants.

CUCUMBER IVY MINT...Green ivy and sprigs of fresh mint are enhanced with the refreshing fragrance of crisp
ozone notes and fresh cucumber.

CUCUMBER MELON (BBW Type)...A perfect blend of cucumber and melon.

DIESEL BRAVE…A collision of Italian Bergamot and Dark Patchouli. Sheer musk and wild geranium are surrounded
by golden Amber crystals set in a luxurious base for a dark and mysterious citron explosion. Similar to the men’s

DOGWOOD...A delightful floral fragrance of the beautiful Dogwood tree.

DRAGONS BLOOD...This mysterious crimson resin is obtained from the giant Dracaena Draco tree in the East
Indies. For its intoxicating aroma, Dragon’s Blood resin was used in ancient medieval times and is still popular
today for burning as incense and in rituals. With exotic, dark and sensuous notes of warm amber, rich resin and
earthy patchouli, this scent is sure to mesmerize!

EUCALYPTUS...The soothingly cool, refreshing smell of camphoraceous woods. Like breathing in fresh green air!

FIREPLACE…All snuggled up by a crackling fire! A warm, woodsy fragrance with hints of pine.

FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH...A classic Christmas blend, used in many churches in the form of incense. These are
some of the holy gifts that were given to the baby Jesus by the three wise men.

FRESH LINEN...Classic notes of soft rose, gentle lily and alluring jasmine gather together with tender violets and
fresh cedar with a light shower of sweet musk.

FRESH OUTDOORS...A clean and refreshing evergreen forest on the emerald isle.

GARDENIA...The sweet, pure fragrance of this island flower will intoxicate your senses!
The sweet, pure fragrance of this island flower will intoxicate our senses!

GENTLE RAIN...Fresh floral and crisp ozone notes blend with the subtle tones of rose petals and sensuous
woods. A light rain scent that signals the start of spring.

GINGER APPLE...Juicy green apples and ripe pineapple are mingled with a fizzy ginger spice. A fresh
and bright fruity floral.

GLISTENING PINE...A comforting blend of precious woods and fresh pine needles with notes of sweet refreshing
orange, zesty grapefruit and tangy nectarine. A clean pine fragrance.

GRANDPA’S PIPE… Rich tobacco leaf blended with notes of vanilla and orange with herbaceous notes of
eucalyptus, cherry blossom and anise, middle notes of jasmine, pine, rose, cinnamon, clove and heliotrope, with
a sugary vanilla, amber and tonka bean base note.  Rich, warm and masculine.

HARVEST WREATH...A harvest of oranges, pumpkins and nectarines are nestled in a bed of hay. Base notes of
cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and vanilla adds the spice.

HAZELNUT CAFE...An addicting brew of gourmet French roast coffee, enhanced with the flavor of Turkish
hazelnuts and a touch of sweet cream. This fragrance is sure to wake you up on the right side of the bed!

HOLIDAY KITCHEN...A scrumptious blend of goodies straight from the kitchen. All the smells that make up a
holiday dinner table and a gift basket too.

HONEYDEW MELON… Lightly sweet and juicy, this scent captures the essence of a ripe honeydew melon.

HOT CINNAMON STICK...Full bodied aroma of rich, hot and very spicy cinnamon.

HOT COCOA...Rich and creamy, this scent reminds you of an old fashioned hot cup of cocoa.
Just like Mom used to make.

JOLLY RANCHER GREEN APPLE...Juicy Granny Smith apples blended with strawberries and elderberries with a
note of cucumber on top. Sweet and Sour!
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