Scented Ornaments
2006The Scented
Aroma & Ambiance from Our Castle to Yours
Soy Candles
Hand Poured
in Michigan!!!

Just like an Aroma Freshener but in a Christmas ornament design!
Rich in scent, Scented Ornaments contain 25% fragrance oil. And like a piece of stained glass
they shimmer in the light while freshening the air. Use as a car air freshener or hang them on the tree.
If hanging on a tree, place the ornament no closer than 2" from a tree light bulb.
Heat helps to disperse the fragrance. Lasts for approx. 1 - 2 months.

$5.00 each
Scented Ornament Gingerbread Boy
Scented Ornament Gingerbread Girl
Scented Ornament Peppermint Candy Boy
Scented Ornament Peppermint Candy Girl
Scented Ornament Pine Forest Boy
Scented Ornament Pine Forest Girl
Scented Ornament Pine Forest Tree
Scented Ornament Peppermint Candy Snowflake
Scented Ornament Wintergreen Snowflake
Select Scented Ornament
A richly spiced, melt in your mouth
gingerbread fresh from the oven
and slathered with butter.
A peppermint blend, cool and sweet that
reminds you of candy canes.
A very woodsy green pine scent.
You'll think you have a freshly cut Christmas
tree in your house!
A cool refreshing blast of
Wintergreen that will chill you
to your toes!