Wood Roses

Roses made from Real Wood
Delicately hand crafted so no two roses are exactly alike.  
The rose petals are made from high quality Birch Wood and the leaves are made from fiber.  
Each floral arrangement is scented in Rose Petals fragrance.
Your wood roses will look and smell like the real thing!
The small wood rose buds are approx. 2 inch high x 1 inch wide.  
2006The Scented Castle---www.TheScentedCastle.com
Aroma & Ambiance from Our Castle to Yours
Soy Candles
Hand Poured
in Michigan!!!
Wood Roses in a Vase
Available in any color or color combination as shown
on color chart. Tissue paper will be colored to match
roses as close as possible.

1 Dozen            1 1/2 Dozen            2 Dozen
$20.00                $25.00                   $30.00
Wood Daisies in a
Three wood daisies
arranged in a small
wire vase.
Wood Roses & Daisies…..$18.00
A charming arrangement of Roses & Daisies in a coffee cup!
Daisies only available in colors shown.
Basket of Roses…..$32.00
Each basket is filled with one and a half dozen roses.
Rectangle basket shown in three shades of Green.
Oval basket shown in three shades of Burgundy.
For the New Mom
One dozen Wood Roses beautifully
arranged in a glass vase to announce the
joyous event! Includes 1oz bottle of our
Scented Oil Spray to keep the bouquet
smelling baby powder fresh.

Baby Boy                   Baby Girl
$25.00 each
Specify Color Choices
Qty of Roses
Blue Daisies w/
Golden Daisies w/
Pink Daisies w/
Yellow Daisies w/
Red Daisies w/
Specify Boy or Girl
Specify Daisy Color
Square Basket of
Wood Roses
Small square basket
w/handle filled with
bakers dozen of Coral
wood roses.
4 3/4" x 10"overall height
Square Basket of
Wood Roses
Small square basket filled
with bakers dozen of
Pink/Violet wood roses
4 3/4" x 8" overall height
Pastel Basket of Wood Roses …..$40.00
Floral arrangement of 20 wood roses with Cat Tails
6" x 4"h Pastel Basket. Overall Height is approx. 12"
Yellow, Pink and Blue Wood Roses
Green, Lavender and Yellow Wood Roses
Blue, Green and Yellow Wood Roses
Basket of Pink
Wood Roses
Round basket w/handle
of 15 Pink wood roses
8" x 10" overall height
Basket Style
Specify Color Choices
Specify Color Choices
Specify Color Choice
Specify Color Choice