Candle and Melt Warmers
Plug-in Melt Warmer
A room full of fragrance at the flip of a switch!
Plug the unit into any standard wall outlet and place a feather soy melt into the top dish.
The heat from the light warms the dish, melting the melt and releasing the scent.
Use as a night light too.
The convenient rocker style on/off switch on the front of the warmer
allows them to remain plugged in while not in use.
Perfect for use in the bathroom or kitchen.
Much safer, if you have children or pets,
because there are no cords.
2006The Scented
Aroma & Ambiance from Our Castle to Yours
Soy Candles
Hand Poured
in Michigan!!!
Fragrance WITHOUT a Flame!
NO Soot     NO Smoke
Melt warmers provide a safer alternative to burning candles.
Use anywhere scent is wanted, but burning a candle is not an option.
The fragrance lasts longer, because the wax does not melt away.
USE IN…Offices…Dorm Rooms…Retirement Communities
Plug-in Melt Warmer..........$20.00
Plug In Melt Warmer