Scented Critter-Tutti Frutti Piggy
Scented Critter-Lilac Lamb

Scented Critters fragrance a room with continuous aroma
and are a perfect alternative for places where you don't want to burn a candle.
<>Baby Rooms<>Kid Rooms<>Dorms<>Offices<>
Each Scented Critter is hand dipped in scented soy wax, fluffed and accessorized.
Each one sits on a decorative glass plate and is packaged in a cello bag.
Scented Critters-Bunnies
Scented Critters
Scented Critters-Lambs
The great thing about Scented Critters is that their aroma lasts for months,
and you can refreshen their fragrance.
To refresh, simply use a blow dryer on a warm setting for approximately one minute.
Refresher Oil is also available to keep your critter smelling as strong as the day
you got it for an even longer period of time.
Baby Powder...So true to the first, fresh & gentle scent ever put on baby!
Fruit Burst...An upbeat blend of berries with a hint of vanilla and butterscotch.
Spring Rain...A fresh, light rain scent with a floral undertone.
Verbena Berry...Lemon Verbena and Blueberry blend seamlessly in this fruity explosion!
Tutti Frutti...Bubble Gum or Juicy Fruit Gum---mmm...yum!
Strawberry Jam...The most incredible, fresh juicy strawberry you'll ever smell.
This is our basic inventory of Scented Critters.
However, if you are looking for a specific item or scent, special orders are always welcome.  
Just send an e-mail to :
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Scented Critters
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